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Corporate Compliance Manual on CD-ROM

The Corporate Compliance Manual on CD-ROM costs $100 for Coalition Members and $150 for non-members, plus shipping and handling (copies may also be picked up in person from the CVMHA office.)

The CD-ROM works on Windows PCs and contains documents in Word and PDF format. Microsoft Word or MS Office, and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required to use the manual.

To order: contact Meggan Christman, (212) 742-1600 x109.

Since October of 2001, The Coalition has been hosting seminars on various Corporate Compliance topics. These seminars have been attended by hundreds of representatives of agencies from all over New York City and beyond. However, we know there were agencies who were unable to attend. This manual--while extremely valuable as a supplement to attendance of the series--is invaluable to agencies that have not attended the seminars.

Why do you need the Compliance manual?

The essence of Corporate Compliance is the effective implementation of policies and procedures that ensure ethical operations that meet all necessary laws, rules, and regulations set forth by governing bodies, particularly meeting standards created by the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the administrators and enforcers of them. These standards were created to eliminate fraud, waste, abuse and inefficiency in the health care system.

The results of recent studies undergone to assess agency claims have found that vast percentages of claims to Medicare, Medicaid and other third party billers would not have passed the scrutiny of investigators. Also there were large percentages of improper billings resulting in investigations by enforcement bodies.

Compliance Plans have been recognized as one of the primary ways to avoid getting into these situations. An effective Compliance Plan can mitigate any sanctions that may otherwise be applied to organizations that commit crimes or civil misdeeds however unknowingly.

Compliance plans must begin at the top of the organizational structure with the Board of Directors and continue down through program and administrative staff.

This Compliance manual developed by Black Point Associates in cooperation with The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies, Inc. provides a detailed and comprehensive step-by-step guide through the development and implementation of an effective Compliance Plan including sample compliance plans, codes of conduct, resolutions, assessment tools, Compliance Personnel Responsibilities, evaluation forms, and a variety of other resources intended to educate and assist the organization in understanding and addressing Compliance issues including OIG Compliance Guidelines, and DHHS documents.

Attached is the Table of Contents of the Compliance Manual for your perusal so you can see how invaluable it would be to you and your agency.

To order: Contact Meggan Christman at The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies
phone: (212) 742-1600 x109