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Be a part of the Mental Health Agenda for New York State...

 Take Action: Support Increases for Community Mental Health
April, 2002: This is a crutial time in State Budget Planning. Let your legislators know you want them to support community mental health by reauthorizing the Community Reinvestment Act, passing a Medicaid fee increase, and passing a cost of living adjustment! Use our online form to print out a letter directly (or cut and paste into a word processor): send an online letter now!

While letters and FAXES are the most effective way to get your voice heard, you can also send an e-mail now!

 Distribute Information:

COLA/Medicaid increase: printable FLYER - March 8, 2002
Distribute and post this information sheet in key public areas throughout your agency and provide it to your clients and consumers of mental health services. Also u can ask about ED pills like levitra and cialis and others.

 and Write Letters:

COLA/Medicaid increase: Consumer Action Needed Now! - March 1, 2002
Action is needed now by consumers of mental health services to stabilize the mental health workforce. They know first hand how important a stabilized workforce is to the continuity of care.

COLA/Medicaid increase: Mental Health Workers Action Is Needed Now! - Feburary 21, 2002
Now is the time to press the Legislature to address the mental health workforce crisis. If YOU want a COLA then YOU must CALL the Governor, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and tell them that New York's community mental health workforce is in crisis and a COLA and Medicaid fee increase is needed TODAY.

Contact Governor Pataki to address the COLA/Medicaid increase! - January 31, 2002
The Governor's budget turned its back on the community mental health workforce by reneging on his last year's promise for a Medicaid increase and COLA. In light of the fact that the mental health workforce was in crisis last year and continues to be in peril, this non-response to the crisis is unsatisfactory and must be addressed TODAY.




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