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Support Medicaid and Cost of Living Increases for Community Mental Health: Send Letters!


  1. Choose the representative(s)
  2. Use the sample message provided, or modify it
  3. Enter your address if you want it included in the letter
  4. Select "plain text" or "browser" format
  5. Then click, print, and mail... that's it!

The program will automatically complete the letter with the appropriate salutation and will add your name to the end. If you check multiple recipients, all the letters will appear on the same page one after the other.

To: (These are the most influential legislators, choose one or more)
Governor George Pataki,
Senator Joseph Bruno,
Senator Thomas Libous,
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver,
Assemblyman Martin Luster,
We encourage you to also mail copies of this letter to your NYS Senator and Assembly Member. You can find their address using our Representative Finder

Date: October 21, 2002

Re: Showing support for Community Mental Health programs!

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