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The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies, Inc. (online ED pills) is the umbrella advocacy organization of New York City’s mental health community, representing over 100 non-profit community based mental health agencies that serve more than 500,000 clients in the five boroughs of New York City. Founded in 1972, The Coalition is entirely membership supported with limited foundation and government funding for special purpose advocacy and assistance projects.

Board of directors

Why The Coalition Matters

Through The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies, Inc., more than 100 community-based mental health agencies:

  • Speak with one strong and unified voice
  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Obtain the vital technical assistance necessary to compete in a managed care environment
  • Demand and help shape crucial laws, regulations and policies at all levels of government

The 500,000 adults and children aided by Coalition agencies come from every neighborhood, borough and walk of life; most are working poor or living below the poverty line.

Community Mental Health:
Effective, Humane and Cost-Efficient

Advocacy Efforts

  • Working with City, State, and Federal legislative and executive branches to ensure adequate funding and to push for appropriate regulations and policies.
  • Representing Coalition agencies on innumerable public and private task forces and work groups, including those related to the transition to managed care and Mental Health Special Needs Plans.
  • Acting as liaison between multiple State and City agencies – Mental Health, Health, Substance Abuse, Homeless Services, Children’s Services, Aging, Criminal Justice – with overlapping responsibilities for serving multiple special populations.
  • Pushing to fashion a managed care policy that affords ready access, supports sufficient capacity and bases reimbursement of services on their real costs.


  • Working pro-actively with the media, especially editorial boards, to get out our message: community-based programs are efficient and effective. We also respond to press queries when tough questions need thoughtful answers.
  • Publishing the quarterly Coalition Focus and the twice-monthly Coalition Briefs newsfax, so member agencies, legislators, and administrators are aware of breaking news, issues, and community events.
  • Operating a website which has an international following and won the four-star rating from the Health A to Z search engine. The site offers past Action Alerts, policy analyses, email access to public officials, Coalition Briefs, useful information, and links to an array of other websites.

Research and Information

  • Gathering the information vital to informing our policy positions and offering credible recommendations to legislators and regulators. One example is Finding the Right Fit: Managed Special Care in New York City, done with The Legal Action Center.
  • Demonstrating the impact, positive or negative, of policy and funding shifts, budget proposals, proposed program regulations, licensure changes, legislation, etc.
  • Bringing a mental health perspective to the HIV-AIDS epidemic, e.g. publishing the monograph AIDS Mental Health Primer.

Technical Assistance

  • Sponsoring, over a four-year period, a variety of seminars and workshops conducted by respected experts in managed care. Sessions have ranged in scope from introductory to sophisticated and from general to specialized to meet needs of individual Coalition sectors. The courses have evolved into a Professional Learning Center, dedicated to serving the multi-faceted technical assistance needs of Coalition members.
  • Developing an MIS project that will result in flexible and affordable computer software and hardware for the behavioral health services sector.
  • Promotion of NYCOMP, a statewide demonstration outcomes measurement project that provides a JCAHO-approved tool at affordable costs and with low-technology.

Program Development

  • Establishing an active Committee on Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Addictive Disorders, dedicated to creating a flexible, integrated system that can concurrently treat this population.
  • Creation of a nonprofit housing development corporation for member agencies, which lists a unique hacienda-style residence for the Latino community among its accomplishments.
  • Sponsorship of an AIDS Mental Health Project, which established linkages between mental health and AIDS services agencies and helped five of those agencies qualify for State mental health licenses.
  • Promotion of efforts leading to the incorporation of a behavioral managed care entity comprised of many Coalition agencies. Separate from The Coalition, the Network is a by-product of our Managed Care Technical Assistance efforts.

Diverse Missions and Shared Goals

Our member organizations sustain some of New York City’s most vulnerable citizens: those with psychiatric and addictive disabilities, the homeless, persons with HIV, struggling families, the fragile elderly, and troubled children.

Under The Coalition’s umbrella are:

  • Community mental health centers
  • Private voluntary hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Day and continuing treatment programs
  • Clubhouses
  • Outreach teams
  • Housing and residential programs
  • Intensive case management programs
  • Settlement houses
  • Alcoholism and substance abuse services

The Coalition is a (501)(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, governed by a Board of 30 agency executives and leaders of New York City’s mental health community.

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