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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Alan B. Siskind. Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, JBFCS

Peter Campanelli, Psy.D.
President/CEO, Institute for Community Living, Inc.

Thelma Dye, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Northside Center for Child Development, Inc.

Ophie Franklin
Executive Director, Bedford Stuyvesant Community Mental Health Center
James T. McQuade, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Mental Health Providers of Western Queens
Joyce M. Pilsner
Executive Director, Riverdale Mental Health Association, Inc.
Jonas Waizer, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer, F.E.G.S.
At Large

Mary D. Redd, ACSW
President/CEO, Steinway Child & Family Services, Inc.
Past President

Phillip A. Saperia
Executive Director

Larraine Ahto
Director of Mental Health, Henry Street Settlement
Peter Beitchman, DSW
Executive Director, The Bridge, Inc.
Beverly Brooks
Executive Director, Safe Space
Isaac Brown
Director of Advocacy and Housing, Baltic Street Mental Health Board
Susan Buchanan
Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service
Steve Coe
Executive Director, Community Access, Inc.
Gayle DeRienzis
Assoc. Dir. for Government Relations and Public Affairs, Builders for the Family and Youth (BFFY)
Kenneth Dudek
Executive Director of Fountain House, Inc.
Paul Feuerstein, CSW
Executive Director, Barrier Free Living, Inc.
Edward I. Geffner
Executive Director, Project Renewal, Inc.
Maria Elena Girone
Executive Director, Puerto Rican Family Institute
Sabra Goldman
Executive Director, Association for Rehabilitative Case Management and Housing
Sandra Hagan
Executive Director, Queens Child Guidance Center, Inc.
Hannah Achtenberg Kinn
Executive Director, The League School
David Lehmann
Executive Director, Venture House
Ernest Lumer, CSW
Executive Director, Sky Light Center
David Mandel
Executive Director, OHEL
Kenneth Popler, Ph.D., MBA
CEO, Staten Island Mental Health Society, Inc.
John Rossland, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Bleuler Psychotherapy Center, Inc.
Pamela Straker, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Brooklyn Psychiatric Centers, Inc.
William Witherspoon, Jr., CSW
Executive Director, Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center

Honorary Directors
Martin S. Begun
*Richard M. Cohen, Ph.D.
*Richard Colabella
Gaby A. Dyner
Jerome M. Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Hon. George L. Jurow
Harold Kase, Ed.D.
Peter G. Neaman
Cecile Schwartzman
*Joseph Wagman